Starting Monday, about 197-thousand senior citizens in South Korea who weren’t able to get the AstraZeneca vaccine in the first half of the year due to supply shortages will begin receiving the Pfizer vaccine.
The shots will also be given to roughly 110-thousand essential workers under the age of 30, including police officers and fire fighters, who were supposed to be inoculated in the second quarter.
After completing their first doses by July 17th, they will receive their second dose after a three-week interval.
Those aged 60 to 74 who had made reservations for vaccination in the first half of 2021 but failed to show up to their appointments will be given Moderna shots from the 26th after a six day reservation period starting next week.
Also set to receive their first doses of the Moderna jab are people in their 50s in late July and August, starting with those aged 55 to 59 from the 26th.
Meanwhile, unvaccinated senior citizens aged 75 and above can individually reserve Pfizer jabs starting Thursday.
So far, some 15.three million people, just under 30 percent of the population, have been inoculated with their first doses but the tally will rise once some 640-thousand high school seniors and faculty members along with around 70-thousand military recruits waiting for enlistment get vaccinated starting mid-July.
Also from Monday, slightly over a million first dose recipients of the AstraZeneca vaccine will start getting their second jabs.
But for those under 50, the country will “mix-and-match” vaccines meaning those who already got a first dose of AstraZeneca will get Pfizer as their second dose.
That group, around 950-thousand people for July, will be inoculated at vaccination centers and about two-thousand medical institutions nationwide.
And so, there’s a chance that leftover Pfizer shots will be made available to the public on Naver or Kakao’s online platforms as early as Monday.
Those under 50 scheduled to receive second doses in August to September will also be eligible for the “mix-and-match” shots.
Han Seong-woo, Arirang News.


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