South Korea is within touching distance of vaccinating 30-percent of its population.
The country is expected to reach the mark by as early as the end of June, thanks to the recent rollout of Moderna’s vaccine and more people getting leftover jabs.
As of Monday morning, more than 15 million or 29.2 percent of the population have been inoculated with first doses.
This is 2 million more than the original target of 13 million set for the first half of 2021.
To date, 7.9 percent of the population have completed vaccinations.

The vaccine schedule for the third quarter is set to fuel the already speedy process.
Beginning July, new age groups will be eligible.
Over the next three months, the government will administer first jabs to some 22 million people from ages 18 to 59.
First in line are people in their 50s and senior citizens who haven’t yet received shots.
Also in the priority group are high school seniors as well as teachers.
Starting August, the age bracket will be lowered to people in their 40s and under.
The current pace may put the country ahead of its goals of inoculating 36 million people by September and reaching herd immunity by November.
Choi Min-jung, Arirang News.


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