ManCapitalGroup – Review 2021 Is this broker worth a shot? (

Whatever profession you look into, you can divide it into eras pre and post internet. The Internet has brought massive changes to our lives without us realizing it. Had it not been the fast-moving world, we all would’ve done under the weight of technological influx. We cannot disagree that the internet is a huge player in the increasing turbulence in our lives but we cannot give it up despite disturbances. This detachment stands impossible for most of us because of the way it has brought so much convenience into our lives. The pandemic particularly served as a catalyst for the increased technological use. Everything is going online and something which doesn’t is likely to stay back.  If the entire world is influenced by the internet revolution, it was literally impossible that trade remained out of the league. The world’s economic system rests on the foundation laid by traders. And in the fast-developing world, an internet backed trade became the time of the hour. This is why we saw an enhanced digitalization in the trading world. From online trade course platforms to forex forums everything entered the digitalization race. Forex firms are a prominent product of the era. These were largely adopted because of the associated ease. Traders do not need to formally plan trips to the stock exchange in fact now these platforms lie at the fingertips of traders.

ManCapitalGroup – Review 2021 Is this broker worth a shot? (

When trading was going through, what my professor calls “revolution”, I was just a student and my teachers had told me that if a forex trader wants to do good in the area, it would be great to sign up for an online brokerage firm. So when I graduated, I was already looking for a good brokerage firm. Having been brought up in a family where so many traders surrounded me was very beneficial. I had understood the basics of trading from a very young age and the rest experience taught. So every now and then I kept hearing of people being fooled by fraud companies and losing hard-earned money.  My uncle joined a forex firm that looked great to him initially, but in actuality, it was just another scam. He had to pay huge sums as a deposit. He agreed to that because he thought maybe the flashy features were worth it. But later when he started using the forum he realized he was fooled into the scam and was trapped because now he could not easily leave the firm. Fear of being robbed this way was growing inside me. I knew I could only research to ensure I landed in safe hands.

This habit of research helped me look into a lot of forums before joining one. I kept on probing into any firm that came my way, looking at pros and cons till I found out which platform was best and worst at what elements. After I had a good and comprehensive list ready, it was easy to move ahead. Now was the time to see what I want from my firm. After sorting my preferences and looking at firms that provided me best I was on a new journey to pick the one which suits all my needs. After some time I was ready to get an account made in ManCapitalGroup

ManCapitalGroup group has been with me for quite some time now and I do not plan on leaving it. This is because of the way it has helped me evolve, grow and learn as a trader. Now let’s get to the job straight and let me tell you the secrets of a successful partnership with your forex firm. I hope by the end of the review, you’ll know what an experienced trader calls a reliable forex firm. Here we go!

Look for Reliability and Competency

The first thing that I look into the firm being a trader is competency and reliability. I know there is much more to a forum, but trust me if these two are missing then you’re bound to lose the game. ManCapitalGroup is a champion when it comes to these two. All these years, I’ve never been disappointed by their services. Each and every feature reflects the company’s competency and it is this efficiency that traders in the entire market keep talking of the forum. 

Transparency Everywhere

One way to have a look at a company’s reliability is to see if they have a well-laid legal section. My grandpa used to tell my dad all the time that if a company exhibits maximum transparency and clarity then it is there to serve you with everything they have. Keeping this in mind, I went to the bottom of the web page where I found the Legal section on the right-hand side. Going through the contents I realized this was something I could give a shot. Well, I clicked open the Privacy Policy first and I could already feel a tilt towards ManCapitalGroup. You are highly recommended to run through the entire section. If you yourself are not good at going through legal documents then you can hire legal help. The uploaded documents include

  • Anti Money Laundering Policy to prevent the use of the platform for any illegal activity
  • Risk Disclosure Statement that helps you carry out a thorough risk assessment and establish trust
  • Privacy Policy to convince you that you can sleep peacefully and your data is safe
  • Bonus Policy to explain how you can get extra bucks
  • Withdrawal, Refund and Cancellation policy to keep you cautious

Terms and Conditions to help you get acquainted with trading and usage terms.


Don’t scroll back! Look at your left and you’ll meet the Info section. This has been put out keeping in mind that new and old users always feel the need to get in contact with the administration. To answer the concerns, representatives are always available but the frequently asked questions are listed separately to ensure the provision of rapid answers. The FAQ section had been put forth in a time-saving manner. The questions have been divided into categories to help you navigate through. These include

  • Trading
  • Platform
  • Funding
  • Open Account
  • Support

Although this is a very good idea, I hope they keep updating it regularly because with the evolving needs and solution come new questions. The Info section had another subsection that is all about the company. If you want to know more about your partner to establish a relationship of trust, you can definitely pay it a visit. 

Contact Us

This takes me to the subsection “Contact Us”. This is the Service that has won my heart. Not even for once, I’ve felt betrayed by company representatives. When I joined first, being a neophyte I kept running into problems. And the administration was always there to help me out. I love the fact that there is more than one way to get in touch. The company ensures your comfort, so you can use the call option and also the chat option. Email and form submission is also at your service and how I can forget the mighty Live Chat. All of these are equally responsive but my favourite was the phone one. But sadly, there’s a drawback which is awaiting the company’s attention for quite a long now. You can only make use of Phone and Chat on weekdays and that too for limited hours. Also, there is no international number that you can use from all around the globe. This is why people outside Canada, the United Kingdom and Austria cannot use the call option. I hope traders outside these countries are provided with this facility soon. 

The Overall Look

This is another very important and often neglected segment. People while signing up do not realize how much it has to do with ease of operating and later regret it. For someone like me, a white background does the right job and red graphics complement it because it is pleasing to the eyes. But a lot of my fellow traders do not like it this way. They say the dark backdrop is very professional. Because the company keeps varying needs in an account, I am still hoping they add an option that lets users pick between dark and light themes. Otherwise, when it comes to user-friendliness, easy navigation, integrated graphics, everything is up to the mark. The MCG logo at the top lets you go back to the main web page from anywhere on the website. 

There is much more to this firm that I could not explain. The wonderful education section gives you top of the line ebooks, Glossary, FAQ, and Asset Index. Also, the account types for traders with varying needs have been put out just the right way. The mobile stocks bar and date and time bar at the top makes it trader friendly. 

The Takeaway

I would like to mention that I still have a hard time reading the list of assets on the main page because of the black background graphics. But these small flaws can be tolerated because it is a champion at the major features. Also no platform is ever flawless but you need to see if it goes with your priority list. Good luck with your quest!

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation

Baron Shaw

By Baron Shaw

Baron Shaw is a technology nerd and an investment enthusiast. He loves exploring new investment opportunities through online platforms and cryptocurrencies. When he's not online, he's either reading books or traveling.

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  1. my name is Ami raj my ID number 4690 i invested $250 canadian Dollar .initially with Saun his no longer there, then another Guy Richie Hanson , he said i got to invest another atleast $5000 more for him to stay with my current invest others he can not proceed. i told him i dont have that kind of money, i am really stressed with this pandemic.he was getting angry at me for not respecting to proceed further , then i told him give my investment back , i can only continue with what i have . please talk to him and let me know whats going on ,or get someone else for me , email thank you appreciate your help.

    1. Hi, sorry to hear about your experience.
      Can I know from where did you first get to know the ManCapitalGroup? Is it from this post or other source?

      I think you did the right thing to not putting into more than you have. Are you able to trace from the payment method you used?

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