KeepABit Review 2021: Why did I choose KeepABit as my exchange partner? With Pros & Cons! (

Over the past few years, crypto has continued to achieve a level of popularity that has resulted in the establishment of several trading sites in the industry. These platforms allow you to convert cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies and vice versa. KeepABit is one such network, which I find to be both dependable and well-known all over the world. It has been committed to supplying clients with top-notch money wealth management services since its inception a few years ago. There are a wide variety of Cryptocurrencies available, as well as a wide range of websites from which to obtain them. Exchanges are the names given to these locations. Buying and selling bitcoin on exchanges is becoming a big business these days. KeepABit is an exchanging forum for which I’ve been involved for a long time. In this KeepABit sharing platform analysis, I’ll tell you what you need to know about it. In any case, I’m going to reveal some information about his exchanging website that you might not be aware of, in order to give you a better sense of what they have to do!

KeepABit Review 2021: Why did I choose KeepABit as my exchange partner? With Pros & Cons! (

So, when searching the site, I noticed a lot of items that matched my requirements, making it easier for me to pick this platform. I’ll go over the anonymity, boundaries, pace, credibility, and other features that I liked about the exchanging site. Finding a cryptocurrency trading site is difficult, but I was able to decide on KeepABit once I understood what to search for. You can learn about the exchange platform as well as how to select a platform where you can begin your exchanging venture by reading this article.

Exchange Platform

Since they have never been involved with any online companies, the majority of people who use web-based exchange sites have no previous experience. That makes complete sense if they aren’t tech-savvy, right? KeepABit’s GUI is designed with this in mind, and it’s very user-friendly and simple to use. Even if you just know simple machine functions, you can perform all of the necessary functions with a single click. The platform’s excellent graphics and theme make it really stand out. It has a stunning white background with eye-catching graphics. This, however, could not be the case with all users. One of my coworkers, for example, thought the theme was a little juvenile. For this, the organisation might devise a strategy by allowing consumers to personalise their theme. 

Customers can take advantage of pre-programmed resources and highlights. Their positioning is indeed good. From the beginning of my association with this platform, it has proven to be beneficial to me. When you use them by yourself, you’ll see how well it does. All is done to the best of my ability, and I can’t recall a single time when I was dissatisfied with the website or with the instructions. This forum provides the best possible service to all exchangers, whether they are beginners or experts.

I have to admit that now that I am aware of what this site has to offer, I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to become acquainted with it. I didn’t know anything about a potential dealer. Now I will mention the reasons why this forum is beneficial to newcomers to exchanging.

  • It has a user-friendly GUI that is easy to use for all types of dealers.
  • The authentication method kept me secure in my early days of exchanging, so even a novice will learn from it.
  • It is a controlled cryptocurrency exchange site.
  • It has outstanding communication centers, so if I needed support, I could reach out to officials who were ready to assist me in any circumstance or at any moment.


When choosing a forum of this kind, security should still be the most critical consideration. I never wanted to be in a position where my money was on the line as a result of a security violation. In this respect, I did a lot of research on KeepABit and never learned of the site being involved in a security violation. Instead, they make good use of foolproof security features such as SSL-encrypted servers and 2-factor authentication, which is necessary before you log in to your account and conduct transactions.

Clients will store their money in both cold and hot wallets, which is a fantastic function of the app. Users must present identification evidence data while sharing, which serves as an additional security measure. Both types of clients must go through these in order to use the programmes. You may get tired of such meticulous security procedures, but I can’t get enough of them, particularly when I know they’re for my benefit.

Platform’s Outstanding Features

Some of the features are the reason why people from all over the world adore this site. For example, the platform holds 97 percent of a client’s money in “cold wallets,” which are essentially offline wallets that are less likely to be hacked. Your money as well as your personal details are safe with the firm. For this, they have military-grade coding in place for both of their customers.

The app uses HTTPS encryption to guarantee that no secret is compromised while the client and members of the country speak. They also created a systematic strategy known as the Anti-Money Laundering Policy that is readily accepted by all customers. To be able to trust the firm totally and absolutely, everyone should look at the KYC, which is an abbreviation for Know Your Client Policy.

The platform’s level of security is very impressive. It monitors operations every second to ensure that the client’s properties are protected to the fullest extent possible. When I enquired more, I learned that this was accomplished thanks to the powerful order motor at work. TactivePvt Ltd. deserves special recognition for completing this task in the most efficient manner possible.

Another aspect worth noting is the purpose-built checklist as well as the availability of TrustPilot feedback. Apart from these capabilities, there are a number of other aspects of the app that I believe can be useful if you go through them and use them.

The Cost

What more could you ask for if any of these incredible resources were available at a fraction of the cost? This is also what KeepABit provides to its customers: a product that focuses on being cost-effective in comparison to other services that are overly costly. I was able to see firsthand how fair the per-exchange fees are. 

One thing I’m positive of is that all of you are considering registering at KeepABit by now. I’ll walk you through the steps. To get to the main page, I first clicked on the icon. Start the procedure by pressing the ‘Get Started’ button in the top right corner of the page. I entered my email address, which was connected to the email account I use. I entered all of the requested information, such as my email and phone number, and protected it with a strong password. At KeepABit, this will keep all of my credentials secure.

In terms of the legal side, I recommend that you read the platform’s terms and conditions thoroughly. After that, I pressed Sign-up, and a code was sent to the email address I got. You will start trading as soon as you deposit the funds in AUD, USD, or EUR.

Pros and Cons


  • A policy of Know Your Customer (KYC) that helps to better secure your money.
  • The most cooperative help centre that provides round-the-clock customer service.
  • Website that is easy to use.
  • Customers can have access to a wide range of trade sites to offer the best possible experience.
  • The most current business news is broadcast on a daily basis.
  • Per consumer has access to a technical tool and highlights


  • Protection layers that take time and are deemed unnecessary by certain consumers.
  • There is no universal phone number to call.
  • Only German and English dialects are available; there is no option to modify the theme.


For me, KeepABit is the perfect platform. The main explanation for this is that the protection of my estate is ensured, as well as a slew of other rewards and conveniences. The app is both simple to use and effective in its offerings, which is exactly what I look for in a platform.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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