Top U.S. Intelligence Official Says Cloud ‘One of Best Decisions We Made’


Sue Gordon, the principal deputy director of national intelligence, said the intelligence community’s $600 million bet on cloud computing in 2013 has more than paid off.


Speaking Tuesday in Washington at the Amazon Web Services Public Sector Summit, Gordon said the decision to turn to a commercial cloud vendor to host an assortment of classified, sensitive data for intelligence agencies for analysis and other purposes was to “hedge our bets against” against a world of big data.


Gordon said the 17 agencies that comprise the intelligence community have kept pace with that world and singled out cloud computing as “one of the best decisions we made.” Gordon said the C2S environment has improved the efficiency of intelligence analysts that sift through mountains of data, ultimately leading to better data for decision- and policy-makers. In addition, Gordon said it was more secure from outside attackers than the intelligence community’s traditional legacy systems.


However, the move came with growing pains and lessons learned.


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Source: DNI

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