By Derek B. Johnson


Jul 08, 2019


The U.S. intelligence community is attempting to transform the way it uses and handles digital information. Unlike much of their work, agency officials want you to know all about it.


The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has been sending officials to conferences and gatherings in recent months to promote a years-long effort to modernize the IT infrastructure used by intelligence agencies. One of the primary goals of that effort is to better open up, analyze and share the massive amounts of sensitive U.S. government data between component agencies.


Intelligence agencies already do make use of data, from signals and imagery captured through orbital satellites to the phone call and internet traffic vacuumed up by the National Security Agency’s controversial Post 9/11 digital surveillance apparatus. The intelligence community already has “world class computational capability” said ODNI CIO John Sherman in an interview. “Now we need to make sure that data is fully unlocked.”


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Source: DNI

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