President Moon Jae-in and the First Lady used a smartphone to send Seollal message to the public.
After taking a stroll around Cheong Wa Dae dressed in Hanbok they sat down for the session.
Pres. Moon: Let’s start.
First Lady: This. Now, this. You need to click the white one.
Pres Moon: Do I need to click the white one?
First Lady: Yes, you need to.
Pres. Moon: And the video? Good. Is it on?
First Lady: I think you turned it off. Is it on?
“I sincerely hope we can overcome the difficult past and take off the masks in the new year and run businesses as much as we want and recover our normal daily lives.”
The first couple thanked the public for participating in social distancing measures and sent condolences to those unable to meet relatives to celebrate the holiday.

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