It’s one in the afternoon.
These people in orange aprons are busy preparing meals.
Anna House, a local soup kitchen in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do Province is making the day’s take-away meals for those who struggle to get enough food.
The pandemic has forced many soup kitchens across the nation to either shut temporarily or reduce their operating hours.
With a surge in demand for food assistance major companies are rolling up their sleeves to help.

“Many soup kitchens like Anna House have been struggling to serve meals during the pandemic. Take-out meals is something that we can provide support for.”

Once the meal packages are ready, carts full of meals are taken across the street where long lines of people are getting their temperature checked.
Although it is a freezing, snowy day, hundreds of people are waiting in the empty parking lot just to receive some food for the day.

“These 500 meals are usually enough to feed those who need it, but with more people short of food amid the pandemic… the shelter now has to give out up to 800 meals every dinnertime.”

The site is also giving them extra clothes to help them keep warm through the winter.
Father Kim Ha-jong an Italian immigrant who has been supporting the community for over 28 years says there have been miracles at Anna House since the pandemic began.

“For the whole year, there are always volunteers who show up every time we begin preparing food at 1 PM. The second miracle is that many volunteers come to help serve food at 3 PM as we start giving out meals. It’s very beautiful thing.”

For him, these difficult times have brought out even more people who want to help others.

“If we want to overcome this pandemic, we need to work together.
Every person has a talent. If they share that talent with others, we can overcome our struggles together. We have to put our efforts together.”

Their hands might be cold in the freezing weather but by sharing meals and love, they are keeping their hearts warm.
Choi Won-jong, Arirang News.

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