S. Korean delivery workers to strike ahead of national holiday

“Make the change Make the change now ”

The labor union representing South Korea’s parcel delivery workers held a press conference in Seoul on Wednesday, announcing a nationwide strike.
They’re demanding that companies relieve their employees of what they say is an unfairly heavy workload.

“The delivery companies continue to ask their workers to sort out packages for free, a practice which has been a cause of death due to excessive work. Under these practices, we can clearly expect that delivery workers will be overworked again during the Lunar New Year period.”

The announcement came just six days after union reached an agreement on this issue with the major delivery companies to limit late night deliveries and deploy extra staff or pay more for sorting parcels.
According to the union the agreement has already been broken, and so they will go on strike from this Friday, January 29th.
The strike this time will include more than 28-hundred workers at companies such as Hanjin, Lotte, and CJ Logistics.
And at the state-run Korea Post, nearly 27-hundred workers will refuse to deliver packages if they’re not sorted in advance.
But on the other side, the nation’s logistics trade association says this will not disrupt the ability of companies to provide their services.

“Ahead of the Lunar New Year period, the union plans to go on strike. But I don’t think this will hurt delivery services because only a small number of workers will actually be taking part.”

As the number of deliveries is expected to jump by up to 30 percent during the Lunar New Year holiday, there are still questions over whether delivery workers and companies can meet each other halfway before the holiday begins.
Choi Won-jong, Arirang News.

Reporter : peterwjchoi@arirang.com


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