A man in his sixties in Seoul passed away, less than a day after testing positive with the novel coronavirus.
According to a district official, the patient died on Saturday evening, while waiting to be hospitalized.
This is not the first time a person has died due to the lack of hospital beds.
About a week ago, a patient confirmed with the virus was found dead after four days of waiting.
There are 137 patients in Seoul who have been waiting for over a day to be hospitalized, and 368 in the capital region.
As of Saturday, nationwide, there are only 38 beds available for critically ill patients, but in provinces like Seoul and Daejeon, there are none left.

“We have treatment centers for mild cases, but we’re still working to secure beds for the severely ill.”

In the meantime, the government released a statement about securing beds for severe cases at national and major general hospitals.
The government will postpone medical institution evaluations and offer incentives to those that participate.

“Considering the time needed for all patients, 318 beds will be secured by December 26th.”

He added that advanced care will be given to those waiting to be hospitalized, such as medical staff from a community health center checking on their physical condition at least once a day.
Jang Tae-hyun, Arirang News.

Reporter : tommyjang@arirang.com


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