Temporary travel ban this weekend to curb highly pathogenic bird flu
Updated: 2020-12-12 15:00:30 KST

To stop the spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza(AI), the South Korean government has temporarily banned the movement of people connected to poultry farms around the country this weekend.
A task force at the ministry of agriculture says that over 10 cases of the disease have occurred at poultry farms in five cities and provinces.
Highly pathogenic bird flu is contagious, can cause severe illness, and kill poultry.
Animals, farm owners, and vehicles from poultry farms and related facilities like feed factories and slaughterhouses have been banned from traveling.
The task force will be checking locations and can punish farm owners if they violate the law.
In the meantime, poultry farms, related facilities, and vehicles will be disinfected.

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