The South Korean health authorities are raising the level of social distancing in the capital area once more to 2.5 to try an stop the recent surge of coronavirus cases.
Two.5 is the second highest level on the five-tier system.
In the meantime, they’re asking everyone to stay home as much as possible.
Eum Ji-young has the latest.
With the number of coronavirus cases in South Korea suring to more than 600 a day, the government decided on Sunday to raise the level of social distancing in the capital region starting on Tuesday.
“The situation is very serious in the capital, so the social distancing level in the region will be raised to 2.5. Considering the severity of this surge in infections, level 2.5 will stay in place for three weeks.”
The government will impose stronger social distancing for other regions as well raising theirs to level two.
At social distancing level 2.5, people are advised to stay home and cancel all outings except for essential economic activity like work, and schools will operate at only one-third capacity for in-person classes.
There can be no gatherings or events with more than 50 people.
Companies are advised to have more than one third of their employees to work at home.
There can be no spectators at sports games and all religious activities should be done without any physical contact.
And added to the list of high-risk facilities like bars and clubs that have been closed already are singing rooms and indoor gyms.
Stores, supermarkets, department stores, movie theaters and PC rooms will have to close after 9 PM.
Cafes will only offer take-out and delivery, and the same for restaurants after 9 PM.
South Korea on Sunday reported 631 new cases, an increase of 48 cases from the previous day’s number.
Among the total cases, only 32 of them were from overseas and the vast majority of Sunday’s cases were in the greater Seoul area.
This was the third highest number of daily cases since the start of the pandemic and the highest in nine months despite the strengthened social distancing measures in place across the nation.
Eum Ji-young Arirang News.

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