With the one month grace period coming to an end, face masks will now be mandatory at all multi-use facilities across South Korea.
Individual violators will be fined up to 90 U.S. dollars.
Facility owners that allow people to violate the rules can be fined up to 27-hundred dollars.
In principle, people must wear a mask anywhere they can’t keep a distance of at least two meters from others.
From Friday, under ALL social distancing levels, masks are required at around two dozen types of facilities, including singing rooms, restaurants, wedding venues and theaters.
Also included are places vulnerable to the virus like hospitals, public transportation and religious venues.
And it must be an actual face mask like medical masks.
That means handkerchiefs or scarves will not cut it.
Masks also have to be worn properly, not on your chin or just over your mouth.
Even while taking pictures or selfies, masks should remain on.
But masks will not be mandatory at formal occasions like ceremonies with a limited number of people.
Also, masks are not required when eating, drinking or smoking.
When outdoors in open places like parks, no fines will be imposed when keeping a two meter distance is possible.
But masks are still mandatory when participating in gatherings of more than five-hundred people.
However, there are a few exceptions.
They include people who have difficulties breathing, children under 14 and brides and grooms at weddings.
Violators will be fined when not wearing masks even after they are asked to do so by regulators.
Kim Dami, Arirang News.

Reporter : damikim@arirang.com


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