South Korea’s National Security Advisor Suh Hoon sat down Thursday for talks with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Washington.
A lot of attention has been on Suh’s trip as it comes after President Moon Jae-in recently called for a declaration formally ending the Korean War, and with the U.S. election less than three weeks away.
For more, we’re joined on the line by our presidential correspondent Kim Min-ji.
Min-ji, give us the details.

Mok-yeon, Suh Hoon met Pompeo a couple of hours ago.
The exact details haven’t been relayed to us yet, but Suh did speak to reporters following the meeting.
He said there’s no difference of opinion between Seoul and Washington on the need to formally end the Korean War,.. and it’s nothing new and part of the denuclearization process.
Take a listen.

The issue was always on the negotiating table. There exists no difference of opinion between Seoul and Washington on the matter.

His comments are likely in reference to claims that Seoul is seeking to declare the war’s end regardless of progress on the North’s denuclearization.
Suh said the issue is when it may come in the process or how closely linked it should be.
President Moon has recently repeated calls for an end-of-war declaration.

Asked if his visit was to reignite momentum for talks ahead of the November 3rd U.S. presidential election, he said South Korea-U.S. relations must be maintained regardless of the vote.
Suh also stressed that inter-Korean relations don’t just involve the two Koreas, saying every issue needs to discussed and coordinated along with the U.S. and neighboring countries.

Regarding his U.S. trip the first since he assumed his post in July Suh said he has had productive discussions on a wide range of bilateral issues, and shared evaluations of the conditions on the Korean Peninsula and views on ways to manage the situation.
On Wednesday, Suh met his U.S. counterpart Robert O’Brien.
He’s scheduled to return to Seoul on Friday.
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