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South Korea’s presidential office of Cheong Wa Dae has called on North Korea to conduct a joint investigation with South Korea into the killing last week of a South Korean national.
This comes after President Moon Jae-in had an emergency meeting on the incident with security-related ministers.
For more, we have our presidential correspondent Kim Min-ji on the line.
Min-ji, fill us in.
South Korea has decided to request a joint probe with North Korea into the fatal shooting of the South Korean government official.
This comes after an emergency meeting this afternoon involving top security officials and chaired by President Moon Jae-in.
In a briefing after the 90-minute session Seoul’s national security advisor said that they decided to request a joint investigation given the discrepancy in the South’s intelligence analysis and the North’s account of the incident.
This especially in regards to what happened to the man’s body and whether or not the man intended to defect to North Korea.
To that end, Seoul has also requested that Pyeongyang reopen the military hotline that regime severed earlier this year.
The Blue House added that the top priority will be to find the man’s body to reveal the full truth and as a show of respect for the family members of the deceased.
And with Chinese fishing boats operating near the Northern Limit Line, South Korea will also request cooperation from the Chinese authorities.
Earlier today, North Korea warned South Korea not to violate the western sea border in the search for the missing body, adding that it plans to carry out its own search.
Since the man disappeared last week, South Korea has been sending boats to look for the body.
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