President Moon Jae-in says achieving fairness is the unwavering goal of his administration.
Celebrating the first Youth Day on Saturday, Moon said that fairness is the spirit of the candlelight revolution saying that it must be felt in all areas, including recruitment, education, military service, society, and culture.
The Framework Act on Young Adults took effect last month, and the third Saturday of September has been designated as Youth Day.

The government will do everything possible for fair opportunities. I hope young people will stretch their imaginations, take on challenges, and vigorously pursue their dreams. The government will provide support with the best facilities and category-specific assistance, so young people can do whatever training and experimenting they desire.

Also invited to the event was global K-pop sensation BTS, who offered words of encouragement for young people.
The seven-member boyband said that they will cheer for the young people and stand by their sides so they can pick themselves up despite facing hardships, noting their own ups and downs on their road to success.
BTS also presented a special gift that will be stored at the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History in Seoul and unveiled in 2039 when the country marks the 20th anniversary of Youth Day.

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