Customers have returned to bakeries, ice cream parlors, and coffee shops following the relaxation of social distancing measures.

“Under the eased social distancing guidelines, people can once again enjoy sitting in a coffee shop like this one, but they still need to use QR codes for entry, keep their distance when ordering drinks.”

Customers must sit one seat apart, or on every other table.
Many restaurants in the capital region are also returning to their normal working hours.

“I am relieved by the easing of the guidelines. If the government kept level 2.5 or raised it to level 3, it would be very unfortunate for everyone.”

Previously, after 9PM, customers could only order take-out and delivery services, but now they’ll be allowed to dine inside the restaurant again.
They must use mandatory entry logs, keep a distance between each table, and wear masks when not eating.
Indoor sports facilities have been closed for the past two weeks, but they can now reopen under strict conditions, including QR codes and customers wearing masks.
Health authorities also removed internet cafes from the list of high-risk facilities.
They can reopen nationwide, but under-19s are prohibited.
Other ‘high-risk’ facilities including singing rooms, clubs, buffets, and private cram schools with more than 3-hundred students will stay shut.
Under Level 2, a maximum of a hundred people are allowed at outdoor gatherings, meaning no spectators are allowed at sports events.
The health authorities said 20-percent of all cases reported in the last two weeks had unknown infection paths.
They are considering raising the social distancing measures again for two weeks over the Chuseok holiday as people traveling could spread the virus.
Choi Won-jong, Arirang News.

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