The success of K-Quarantine garnered global attention.but in doing so sparked debate among domestic and foreign media outlets regarding an invasion of personal privacy.
This has prompted South Korea’s Personal Information Protection Commission to release updated guidelines.

“First, in a written log book, we recommended minimizing the amount of personal information collected by only requiring phone numbers and their residing city without the visitor’s name.”

Log books generally ask for a person’s name, their phone number, and city of residence.

“Currently, as the log book is usually at the front of the restaurant, some visitors feel uncomfortable writing in it as others can see their personal information.”

There have even been some instances of people receiving unwanted phone calls and text messages from strangers.
Other measures from the commission include exempting take-out order customers from filling out their detailsor leaving the business a missed call for them to have a record that way.

“While sticking to the rules of the Personal Information Protection Act, they found the best possible way to achieve the goals of the Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Actwhich is the most important at the moment.”

One citizen embraced the changes while also reiterating what the priority is.

“I like to write down as little information as possible, but quarantine measures are more important.”

The commission also showed concern for information that has been left online.
According to the current guidelines, details of a confirmed patient are supposed to expire after two weeks.
But it has been discovered that some 5,000 posts containing patient tracking information from May to August were still accessible on the Internet.
While most has since been deleted, the commission added that they will push for a law that could hold people responsible for not following the rules.
Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News

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