Starting this Sunday, social distancing in South Korea will be much stricter.
Lasting for eight days, the new measures are a stronger version of the current distancing level 2, affecting the greater Seoul area.
This comes after the country on Friday reported 371 new cases.
Under the new guidelines, restaurants, bakeries and bars in the region will not be allowed to admit customers between 9 PM and 5 AM.
Take-out and delivery, however, will be allowed at all times.
There will be no eating or drinking inside franchise coffee shops, but take-out and delivery will be allowed there as well.
Cram schools, private academies and study cafes will not be allowed to hold lessons in person but will have to move online.
The measures also require indoor sports facilities, such as gyms and billiard clubs, to close as well.

The health authorities say that should the virus situation still not improve, the country will have no choice but to enforce the strictest level of distancing, Level 3.

“If this does not contain the spread of the virus, then we will have to move on to our last resort, Level 3. Level 3 would have a huge impact on our economy and daily lives, so we ask for your active cooperation and participation.”

The health authorities are asking people to cancel all unnecessary meetings and are urging senior citizens to stay home as much as possible.
The new restrictions will affect some 470-thousand businesses, which include more than 60-thousand academies and 380-thousand restaurants.
Choi Jeong-yoon, Arirang News.

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