Seoul city made it mandatory on Monday for people to wear masks in public both indoors and outdoors and it is planning to fine those who violate the order.

“Starting Monday, masks are mandatory. Everyone is required to wear a mask indoors, at concerts, and at outdoor venues where there are large numbers of people. This applies except when you are eating or when it’s otherwise unavoidable.”

Following a grace period until October 12th, Seoul plans to issue fines of nearly 85 U.S. dollars on those out in public without a mask.
And Seoul isn’t the only city to make masks a requirement.
As of August 24th, 11 of the 17 provincial and city governments have ordered people to wear masks both indoors and outdoors.
Two provinces have issued the rule for indoor areas only.

“The strict rule is a last resort to try to avoid having to raise the social distancing level to three, which would resemble a total lockdown.”

While already under strict control under the level two measures, public facilities are also facing stricter quarantine standards.
Restaurants of over one-hundred-fifty square meters, movie theaters and concert halls also face stricter penalties for breaking rules.
Seoul city’s new “one strike out” policy will force facilities to close for two weeks if they violate the current quarantine guidelines even a single time.

“Please keep your masks on unless you’re eating”

“I do understand the city’s perspective because of the quarantine measures, but for small business owners, the ‘one strike’ policy is a bit scary.”

Businesses can also face fines of up to 2,5-hundred U.S. dollars.
The city has also asked individuals to practice social distancing and avoid going to public places if possible.
Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News

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