MIGUN LIFE’s new personal healthcare products are unveiled, heralding the grand debut of CES 2023
MIGUN LIFE (CEO Jacob Hun Cheol Chang), the originator of home medical appliances, will participate in CES 2023 world’s largest exhibition of home appliances which will be held in January at Las Vegas Convention Center in USA, and will unveil the year 2023 new products.
MIGUN LIFE set up an exhibition booth in the Convention Center at Venetian Expo Hall and will introduce MIGUN LIFE’s products and brand to global buyers. The year 2023 new products to be unveiled this time are Re:ach RH01 and Re:ach RH02.
– Product Information
Re:ach RH01 is a product in a form of mat that allows us to enjoy relaxation and spine treatment. Re:ach RH02 is a product in the form of a mattress that allows us to enjoy both sleeping and spinal treatment which looks like a regular bed. The main feature of these products is that a hidden jade massager comes out and starts a spinal massage from one’s neck to hip. More than 10 acupressure rods stimulate blood spots exactly next to the spine line. Once the operation is stopped, jade and acupressure rods return to the inside of the mat or mattress, then you can have comfortable relaxation and sleep. Each product has leg cuffs exclusively for the lower body which has functions for massaging legs and acupressure for soles of the foot. Also, they are evenly equipped with all convenient functions necessary for massage and relaxation such as thermal function, body scanning function, massage function tailored to an individual’s body shape, intensity modulation massage function, relaxing music.
Personal thermal therapy appliance which was upgraded through MIGUN LIFE’s unrivaled technology Re:borne, personal ultrasound stimulating appliance Re:vive, high-frequency foot stimulator DAY:RE, these 3 products will be also exhibited.
– Exhibition Booth
In the booth, products are placed in a relaxed space so that visitors can experience the products comfortably and reception space for business talk are prepared separately. Furthermore, key component which shows MIGUN’s advanced technology, 2 sets of 5 thermo jades (10 thermo jades) will be exhibited with an emphasis on visitors to experience and understand MIGUN LIFE. 2 sets of 5 thermo jades (10 thermo jades) are made of 10 processed natural jades which have thermal function and it moves along the spine line and provides compression and heat.

– Purpose of Participation
MIGUN LIFE has a purpose to achieve from participating in CES 2023. First of all, it is to promote our brand and products worldwide to expand our global business in earnest from 2023 in which we established 50 countries and for about 30 years. Also, it is to increase sales across the US since the establishment of the US corporation in 2000. MIGUN LIFE has exported more than 5 million US dollars in the US, proceeded to the FDA (Food AND Drug Administration) for approval but also to a clinical trial at UC Irvine in the US. It explains that if MIGUN LIFE meets demand from American customers, the products will be recognized as differentiated products by going beyond global standards.
An official from MIGUN LIFE said “MIGUN LIFE, the original brand of K-healthcare, will participate CES 2023 to introduce 2023 new products and is asking for interest of MIGUN LIFE’s active role in Korea market but also in global market as well”
– Homepage : www.migunlife.co.kr – Inquiry : +82-2-6951-2886 / Sales Rep: Andrew Yoon ( migunlife_gsales@migunlife.co.kr)


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