Intelligence Community Information Technology Enterprise: building on the visions of our predecessors


By Christopher Van Dam

Defense Intelligence Agency

Tampa, Florida, Aug. 22, 2019 — Day two of the Department of Defense Intelligence Information System Worldwide Conference started with an update to the ongoing modernization efforts of the Intelligence Community Information Technology Enterprise, Aug. 19, 2019, in Tampa, Florida.

John Sherman, Chief Information Officer of the Intelligence Community, praised the groundbreaking leadership of previous leaders, specifically the work of former Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence Sue Gordon and her fellow deputies, and the technologic foundation they established that IC ITE is building on in its second phase of development.

“We’d be derelict in our duties if we just let our predecessors’ work ride for the coming years,” said Sherman, adding that after learning lessons and understanding many dynamics, changing the operating model is a case of “needing to evolve or losing the relevance and applicability of what we built.”

Sherman explained the way ahead and laid out main priorities of the second epoch of IC ITE.   Priorities include:

  • Architecting a federated interoperable enterprise
  • Building on world-class computing with cloud and other capabilities
  • Unlocking the power of the IC’s data
  • Strengthening cybersecurity posture

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Source: DNI

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