Top U.S. election security official says adversaries have
“sharpened” interference tools ahead of 2020


By: Olivia Gazis

CBS News


A top U.S. election security official warned on Tuesday that the country faces threats from adversaries beyond Russia, and can count on “more sophisticated” attacks from other state and non-state actors ahead of the 2020 presidential election.


“This is not a Russia-only problem,” said Shelby Pierson, who serves as the intelligence community’s election threats executive within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. “Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, [and] non-state hacktivists all have opportunity, means, and potentially motive to come after the United States in the 2020 election to accomplish their goals.”


Pierson spoke at a U.S. Election Assistance Commission summit in Washington, DC, where she also said key adversaries had likely honed and made adjustments to their interference tactics based on past actions taken by the U.S.


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Source: DNI

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