IARPA Leader Creating Office Director Positions


July 6, 2020

By George I. Seffers


New directors help transition tech to intel agencies.


Catherine Marsh, director of the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, is hiring personnel to fill several new office director positions. The new personnel will help recruit program managers, develop and guide programs, and strengthen relationships with the intelligence community, enhancing the transition of technologies from researchers to users.


Marsh, who took over leadership late last year of the research organization known as IARPA, tells SIGNAL Magazine her top priority is “continuing to focus on our core value proposition, investing in the high-risk, high-payoff research and development to deliver overwhelming intelligence advantage to the nation.” But to do that, she is making some changes, such as bringing back the positions of office directors, which IARPA eliminated several years ago.


“We are reinstituting the role of office directors at IARPA. We posted vacancy notices, and we got lots of applicants—I mean lots of applicants,” she says. “We interviewed only the most qualified … and we have selected the candidates that we want to hire, and that’s now with human resources for processing.”


Read the full article on AFCEA’s Website.



Source: DNI

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