ODNI’s Adopt-A-High School goes virtual, continues to share ODNI mission and importance of public service


Chris Waugh, National Counterterrorism Center officer, spoke to more than 50 high school students and faculty from the Columbia Heights Educational Campus in Washington, D.C., May 7, as a part of ODNI’s Adopt-A-High School Partnership Program.

The event was held virtually, allowing Waugh to provide a detailed overview of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and NCTC’s core mission, functions, and partnerships.

Throughout the session, students asked questions about the Intelligence Community, methods of information and product sharing, and any differences with each new presidential administration.

Waugh answered and reinforced ODNI and NCTC’s commitment to leading and integrating the national counterterrorism efforts, sharing information with partners across the CT enterprise, and driving whole-of-government action to secure CT objectives – regardless of who sits in the policymakers’ chairs.

“That’s what makes NCTC unique,” said Waugh. “We have access to foreign and domestic terrorism and transnational threat information, and our core responsibility is to share that information to support our missions.”

ODNI’s Adopt-A-High School Partnership Program supports educational efforts for Washington Metro Area students in grades 9-12 in disciplines like Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; foreign languages; and other skills relative to the ODNI mission.

The program’s goal is to share with students the mission of the ODNI, the IC, and provide information on internship and career opportunities within the national security and intelligence arena.

“We hope by exposing young minds to what we do and why, we are reaching and encouraging the next generation of students to lead the IC’s initiatives,” said Daphne Martinez, ODNI Chief of Recruitment Group.

To get involved with the Adopt-A-High School Partnership Program, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Source: DNI

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