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On Thursday, June 18, and Friday, June 19, Attorney General William P. Barr traveled to Boston and New York City to visit with leadership and members of each city’s police department.  In Boston, the Attorney General met with Commissioner William Gross and his leadership team.  In New York City, the Attorney General met with Deputy Commissioner Ben Tucker and other senior NYPD officials.  In both meetings, the Attorney General expressed his deep appreciation for, and importance of, the service and work of their departments and discussed policing issues that have been at the forefront of national conversation and debate.

The purpose of the Attorney General’s visit was to show the Administration’s strong support for law enforcement and seek the input of police leadership on a range of issues, including President Trump’s recent Executive Order on Safe Policing for Safe Communities, as well as other issues involving community relations, use of force, officer training, and officer wellness.  These visits were the first in a series of meetings Attorney General Barr intends to hold in the coming weeks with police leadership across the nation.


Source:Department of Justice

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