ARLINGTON, Va. (AFNS) — Guardians from around the world gathered virtually Dec. 11 to reflect on their contributions and to recognize high achieving individuals for their performance during the U.S. Space Force’s first year of operation.
The formal recognition was led by Secretary of the Air Force Barbara M. Barrett, Chief of Space Operations Gen. John W. “Jay” Raymond and Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Space Force Chief Master Sgt. Roger A. Towberman, in a ceremony Dec. 11, that coincided with larger efforts recognizing the service’s first birthday.
“To our pioneers across the department, globally, we celebrate your exceptional contributions in building the U.S. Space Force into an extraordinary force,” Barrett said. “You are today’s history makers. Like Hap Arnold, you are pioneers building our newest service, dedicated to reaching beyond our perceived infinities.”  
Barrett also noted some of the accomplishments of the newly formed service.
“You operate America’s indispensable GPS. You protect Americans with early warning systems. You innovate with technologies like the X-37B. You collaborate on global innovation. And, you critically supported NASA’s return to human space flight from American soil, twice this year,” she said. “With you at the control panel, Space Force has taken giant leaps forward in our era.”
In his address to the force, Gen. Raymond recognized the hard work and dedication of Guardians since USSF’s inception. 
“Today is about the people who make those accomplishments happen,” Raymond said. “We are a global service, critical to our national defense strategy. I’m proud to serve with each and every one of you.”
During the presentation, Guardians attended break out sessions with senior leaders to discuss their accomplishments.
“This is a wonderful opportunity for some of our most junior members to be seen and heard by those who lead the Space Force,” said Lt. Col. Raj Agrawal, Chief, Space Control Division, Department of the Air Force, the new service’s lead for the myriad of First Space Force Anniversary events. “You have all earned this, you are some of the best the Space Force has and these senior leaders are honored to gain from your perspective.”
Bringing together Guardians from all over the world was no small feat and the Chief of Space Operations recognized the team responsible for hosting the packed and well-choreographed 60-minute production.
“This incredible event brought together more than 480 Guardians from 13 overseas sites and 26 separate U.S. locations,” said Raymond. “I want to personally thank Lt. Col. Agrawal and his team for putting together this momentous undertaking. As we close out our first year as a service, it is vital that we celebrate the people that make the Space Force the best in the world.”

Superior Performers: 
Mr. Pablo Tafolla

Capt Mercedes Dewan

SMSgt Robert Donaldson

A1C Daniel Sanchez

Capt Lauren Bauer

MSgt Ian Holmquist

Maj Christopher Guida

Maj John Stewart Burton

TSgt Cory Takaki

SSgt Dillon Frick

Maj Jeremy Kotsenburg

Dr. Gerald (Jerry) Diaz

MSgt Farrah S.C. Kaufmann

Ms. Debra Bazzi-Craig

Mr. Craig Harrison

SSgt Eric Osborne

SSgt Janah Murphy

A1C Shawn Simpson

Lt Col Diane Burch

Capt Devin Rushing

MSgt Joshua Hayman

Capt JamieLynne “Royal” Hart

Mr. Bryan Blue

TSgt Erin Trickett-Tracey

2nd Lt Eric Honeyman

Mr. Noble C. Smith, IV

A1C Khristopher Hamilton-Gray

Capt Clara Heffernan

Ms. Shannon Pallone

SSgt Caleb Williams

Lt Col Brendan Hochstein

Mr. Thomas Freeman

SSgt Jason Moran

Lt Col Kellie Brownlee

Mr. Joe Fixemer

Capt Mark “Flash” Skinner

MSgt Robert Bautista

TSgt Bryan Holland

A1C Naomie Albanese

Capt Kimberly Ashley Garcia
Ms. Christina Johnson

Capt Elizabeth Couch

Ms. Anita Wallace

SSgt Hannah Seufert

Capt Amy Walker

Dr. Raymond Warriner

TSgt Brett Michael Walker

Capt Chris “Doc” Daugherty

SSgt Damian Sotelo

Maj Jennifer Kiebach

Maj Rob Lerner

TSgt Kirk Kincaid

MSgt Tariq Simpson

SrA Aron Franks

Capt Eric “Fish” Merriss

Dr. James Dodd

Lt Col Jeremy Selstrom

Lt Col Forrest Poole

Maj Justin Deifel

SrA Darrius Alberti

Capt Zach Funke

1st Lt Jonathan Schiller

Ms. Maria Fe Parker

1st Lt Jacqueline Cromer

Capt David Buehler

Mr. Eric Winton

SMSgt Steven Sweeden

Maj Shawn Woodall, Jr.

MSgt Alysha Ivory

SMSgt Daniel Hill

Maj Justin Dawson

Capt Dustin Crews

Lt Col Ken Holmes

Capt Scott Wolf

Ms. Cathy Lovelady

Mr. Adam Harbold

TSgt Jeremiah Tillery

A1C Tia Johnson

SSgt Darien Perez

Source: US Space Force

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