In a Space Force Guidance Memorandum signed Dec. 11, the Space Force added guidance to its uniform policy addressing the wear instructions for the newly-released USSF distinguished lapel insignia for the interim service dress uniform along with several other updates. 

According to the memo, “the USSF distinguished lapel insignia will be worn centered below the lapel notch on the widest portion of the service dress coat lapel,” and will be worn on both lapels.

“These Space Force lapel pins will identify you as Space Professionals when you’re in your Air Force service dress uniform until we’re able to release our own Space Force uniform,” said Chief Master Sgt. Roger A. Towberman, senior enlisted advisor, U.S. Space Force. “It doesn’t mean we’ll carry this over to a Space Force uniform when it’s designed, but right now, this is how we’re going to distinguish our uniform a little bit more.”

The guidance also describes the proper wear for the lapel pins in various configurations of the service dress or blue uniform. However, there is a transition period before wearing the pins becomes mandatory. 

“There is no need for immediate purchase or change,” said Patricia Mulcahy, deputy chief of space operations for personnel. “Members will have until April 1, 2021, to make required uniform modifications as all items may not be available for immediate purchase.”

Trainees at basic military training and technical school are authorized to wear silver ropes in lieu of the lapel pins on all combinations of the service dress uniform, with or without service coat, until the pins are issued. The silver ropes are not authorized after graduating technical school. 

Eligibility and wear instructions for the Office of the Chief of Space Operations identification badge, which applies to members in qualifying positions on the Space Staff within the National Capital Region, is also defined in the memo. 

Lastly, the guidance clarifies a handful of uniform topics such as adding the USSF logo to the lightweight blue jacket, wearing polyvinyl chloride or PVC patches acquired through approved vendors, and authorizing the USSF full-color design palette for operational camouflage pattern uniform unit patches, which includes tertiary accent colors.

Source: US Space Force

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