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All students should have the opportunity to learn computer science (CS) in school. In our increasingly digital world, CS will prepare them with skills they can apply in almost every discipline and domain. NSF funds research and development that is building the necessary foundations for implementing rigorous and engaging computer science in schools across the U.S. This work leverages NSF-funded research on the teaching and learning of CS that generates evidence to support stronger K-12 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education efforts. Much of the work on CS to date has focused at the high school level and also aims to engage all students – building on NSF-funded research on broadening participation to better understand and inform efforts to support students from underrepresented groups.


NSF Funding for CS Education

NSF is strongly committed to building the knowledge base – creating research and development – for CS education, and broadening participation among underrepresented students for years to come.

  • NEW! Computer Science for All: Research Practitioner Partnerships (CSforAll:RPP)
    A research program that supports teams of researchers working with teams of practitioners on questions of immediate relevance to the practitioners’ efforts to get CS into preK-12 schools.

  • In support of this new solicitation, three workshops for aspiring PIs will be held in January 2017.

  • STEM + Computing Partnerships (STEM+C)
    A NSF program that supports research to integrate CS into K-12 STEM education

  • Discovery Research PreK-12 (DRK-12)
    A NSF research program that seeks to enhance the learning and teaching of STEM through R&D of STEM education innovations and approaches

  • Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST)
    A NSF research program that promotes PreK-12 student interests and capacities to participate in the STEM and information and communication technology workforce

CS for All

NSF’s efforts and the growing momentum for CS education and STEM education research broadly taking hold across the country have helped to pave the way for the CS for All Initiative.

Learn more at www.nsf.gov/csforall

Source: NSF News

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