Conifer's View


A Conifer’s View of Snow

If trees could talk, what winter tales they might tell: of the frozen soil in which they’re rooted, the snows that fall on their branches, the icy rivers and streams that flow beneath, and the health of the entire forest.

Nature's Igloo


Nature’s Igloo

The subnivium, it’s called, this refuge beneath the snow that’s insulated and maintains a constant temperature. It’s nature’s igloo for all winter creatures great and small.

Winter Ice


Where Have Our Winters Gone?

If you’re planning to skate on a frozen lake or river this winter, ski on a snowy slope, or, when spring arrives, depend on snowmelt to refill your water supply, you may need to think twice. December-to-March may be less like the winters we remember.

Snowshoe Hare


The Tale of the Spruce vs. the Hare

It’s a new story of the race between the tortoise and the hare. Now it’s a dead heat between a white spruce tree and a snowshoe hare. Which will win? Scientists at the National Science Foundation Bonanza Creek Long-Term Ecological Research site in Alaska are chasing down answers.

Source: NSF News

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