WASHINGTON, (AFNS) — Maj. Gen. B. Chance Saltzman was the first U.S. Air Force general officer transferred and promoted to lieutenant general in the U.S. Space Force during a ceremony at the Pentagon Aug. 14.

During the ceremony, members of the Air Force Honor Guard simultaneously furled the Air Force major general flag and unfurled the first-ever Space Force lieutenant general flag, marking the first promotion of a general officer in the new service.

“It’s a historic time in the space community and being given a leadership role and helping stand up the Space Force is truly humbling,” said Saltzman.

Saltzman’s new position is the Space Force deputy chief of space operations, cyber and nuclear.  As the chief operations officer, he will have overall responsibility for intelligence, operations, sustainment, cyber and nuclear operations.

Chief of Space Operations Gen. John “Jay” Raymond officiated the promotion ceremony and said the event was not only important to the Saltzman family, but also for the Space Force, which was stood up to elevate space to a level commensurate to its importance to the nation.

“I think it’s very appropriate that the first general who comes in is a warfighter,” Raymond said. “I think that sends a really strong message that this is an armed service, and we are about deterring conflict that could begin or extend into space. We couldn’t ask for a better person.”

Commissioned in 1991, Saltzman has operated missile and space systems as a Minuteman III launch officer and as a satellite operator for the National Reconnaissance Office, and was a key contributor in developing the Department of the Air Force’s Multi-Domain Command and Control, now known as Joint All Domain Command and Control.

Saltzman talked about the work ahead of him and the other Space Force leaders. He said space professionals, the whole service, and the country itself expect them to get it right.

“The best way I know how to meet these challenges and live up to the responsibilities that we’ve been entrusted with is just to get after it,” Saltzman said. “We’ll collaborate with smart people; we’ll do the critical thinking that’s necessary; we’ll make a good to-do list, and then we’ll start checking it off.”

He continued saying he looked forward to working with the team Raymond had assembled on the Space Staff.

“I’m extremely humbled to have been chosen for this position. I’m honored to be a part of this team, and I’m really excited about the future. Now it’s time to get to work. Semper Supra.”

Source: US Space Force

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