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PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — The U.S. Space Force Commercial Satellite Communications Office recently announced the development of its Infrastructure Asset Pre-Assessment Program.
The objective of the IA-PRE Program is to advance the security posture of current and future commercial satellite communications procurements for the Department of Defense. As the sole authority for procurement of COMSATCOM services for all of the DoD, the USSF must ensure the most secure space systems are available to support the U.S., its allies, and the joint warfighters.
“Cybersecurity is critical to the DoD and its missions,” said Jared Reece, COMSATCOM IA Policy and Compliance Lead, CSCO. “Today, the commercial satellite industry spends countless dollars on cybersecurity to ensure their assets and customers are protected from malicious actors. IA-PRE will help ensure appropriate cybersecurity solutions are achieved for our customers.”
Among the goals of the IA-PRE Program is to develop an “approved product list” of COMSATCOM assets with cybersecurity posture scores based on standard U.S. government requirements and to enhance commercial asset security posture, reducing administrative burdens to both U.S. government and industry partners.
The USSF CSCO, in collaboration with the USSF Risk Management Office (Authorizing Official), is soliciting support from the commercial satellite industry to develop a program that works closely with commercial partners to serve their missions and meets DoD goals.
Final submissions of feedback from the commercial satellite industry are due to CSCO by July 2. CSCO officials will review the feedback and provide updates and begin to finalize the IA-PRE program in August.
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