The  Dram/Zhangmu Border Crossing  is Re-Opened

Great Tibet Tour is excited to announce that Dram/Zhangmu border has reopened for tourists in Sept and now tourists can choose to enter Tibet either through Dram or Kyirong. According to China Tibet News at 10:00 on September 1, the Dram/Zhangmu border in Shigatse City, Tibet was officially re-opened for tourists. The Dram/Zhangmu border is located at the China-Nepal border and has always been an important land transportation artery connecting China and Nepal. It was closed after the 2014 earthquake. After repairs and the end of the epidemic, it is now finally reopened.

It is good news because the Dram/Zhangmu border is closer to Kathmandu than the alternate border crossing at Kyirong and the road to Dram in Nepal is in better condition than the road to Kyirong. In addition, the scenery along the way spans the two seasons of winter and spring in one day, from the ice and snow to the flowers blooming in all four seasons. This is a breathtaking journey.

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