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A new independent Japanese news site,, has just launched and aims to freshen up the media landscape. promises to deliver breaking stories across Japan and the world with fresh perspectives and a commitment to objective reporting. By deep diving into the stories that matter most, covers economics, culture, business and lifestyle. Get ready to experience journalism in a complete new way. News Times Japan is a new voice in the Japanese media landscape, aims to provide the Japanese public with reliable and unbiased news coverage.’s mission

As a new Japanese online news site, News Times Japan is an online news site that provides independent, reliable news to Japanese readers. The site is edited by a team of professional journalists and offers articles on current affairs, business, culture, lifestyle and politics. The content on is carefully curated to provide readers with the most important and interesting stories from around Japan. In addition to regular columns by well-known media figures, the site also features regular opinions and analysis on the country’s biggest issues. Supported by a team of experienced journalists who have been in the press industry for many years, is committed to providing unbiased news insight and original reporting to the Japanese readers. Welcomes Media Cooperation

For anyone who’s interested in media partnership or collaboration, including content placement and display advertising, can contact News Times Japan staff. Businesses can advertise on to reach Japanese audiences and enhancing brand awareness in Japan.


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