“Like at this drug store in Seoul where’s there only two packs left, Tylenol is hard to find anywhere in the country.”

It’s almost as if Tylenol’s the only fever-reducing painkiller out there.
Pharmacies and convenience stores are struggling to stock up with the drug as more and more people are buying it in case of any mild post-vaccination side effects.

“Demand for Tylenol has gone up two-fold it seems. Before, people would come for one pack but now, they’re looking to buy two or three for themselves AND their family members.”

The shortage might be due to the government specifically recommending the well-known brand in past briefings.
What health officials meant to say, however, is that any similar drug with acetaminophen as its main ingredient is okay to take.
The Korean Pharmaceutical Association and Ministry of Food and Drug Safety recently released a list of seventy other drugs that have the same effect.
Not recommended, though, are drugs based on Ibuprofen such as Brufen.
According to the World Health Organization, Ibuprofen could hinder the formation of antibodies.
Experts also say there’s no reason to take Tylenol or other similar painkillers before vaccination.

“If taken in advance, there’s a chance the medicinal properties will wear off by the time symptoms like muscle pains or a fever kick in. So it likely won’t be of much help. Plus, not everyone experiences side effects.”

As of now, there are enough acetaminophen products in the country to meet demand.
But the government is planning to encourage manufacturers to up their production ahead of the main phase of the nation’s inoculation campaign starting July.
Han Seong-woo, Arirang News.


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