People in South Korea aged over 65 prefer to live alone rather than living with their children.
According to the health ministry’s 2020 National Survey for Older Koreans less than 12.8 percent of the participants would like to live with their children.
That’s a 2.4 percent drop from 2017.
Announced on Monday, the nationwide survey, given between March and November last year to more than 10-thousand people aged over 65, showed more older people were involved in economic activities which provide living expenses for themselves.
Their personal income has increased since 2008.
According to the most recent one, their personal income was now more than 14-thousand U.S. dollars.
The survey also showed 78.2 percent of over-65s were living independently of their children a jump of more than 11 percent from 2008.
The number of older Koreans who prefer to live alone has been gradually increasing every year.
An expert said that could be because of the pandemic.

“Many older people have lived independently while cutting out face-to-face contact with their children amid the pandemic, which explains their decision to live without them.”

As more than 74-percent of the participants experienced some difficulty using online services, the expert added that enough social services need to be provided for them.

“We used the term, ‘aging in place’ meaning older Koreans live in the community together instead of living in care facilities. We need more care services that could support those who reside independently.”

Meanwhile, more than 74-percent said that the age standard for the older people should be raised from over 65 to over 70.
Choi Won-jong, Arirang News.


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