Before leaving Washington on Saturday, President Moon met with the Archbishop of Washington, Wilton Gregory who is also the first African-American cardinal.
President Moon is Catholic himself.
They discussed peace on the Korean Peninsula, social justice and other issues.
Take a listen.

The Catholic community in South Korea has shown leadership in democracy movements, human rights, welfare for those in need, and now they are working for the unification of the two Koreas.”

“We would participate so deeply in the work of social justice and the care of the poor and the work of democracy that is a source of pride to know that our fellow Catholics are at the forefront of the work of justice and peace in Korea.”

President Moon also expressed his concern over the rise in hate crimes against Asian people in the U.S.,.. and asked the archbishop to look after the 50-thousand Koreans living in Washington and Maryland.
The archbishop reportedly said that hate crimes hurt democracy.
He also prayed for the peace and well-being of the Korean people.


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