President Moon Jae-in has expressed confidence that South Korea’s vaccination program will proceed as scheduled.
Meeting his top aides on Monday, he said the country is on track to achieve herd immunity despite doubts raised by the slow speed of inoculations so far.

“If you watch the situation unfold a little longer, you will see whether three million people do or do not receive their shots by the end of April and whether 12 million people or more get theirs in the first half, as planned by the government.”

He said some countries are limiting vaccine exports or hoarding doses, but people in Korea need to pool their wisdom and build solidarity.
The president said the government is keeping close tabs on the global situation in terms of supply, effectiveness and safety.
He added the ability of local firms to produce vaccines on consignment is a great help and this capacity is expected to grow.
On Tuesday at Cheongwadae, the president will meet with the CEO of Novavax and discuss ways to boost production.


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