Starting in April, South Korean companies are advised to give employees a so-called “post-inoculation vacation” to monitor for any side effects.

“We will proactively give people time off the day after they get inoculated.
For those with prolonged side effects, their vacation can be extended to a second day.”

The government also advises employers to give official vacation or paid leave on the day of the vaccine, too.
The new measures are not legally required, but they’re aimed at boosting public participation, which is key to keeping vaccinations on schedule.

And to keep up the momentum, the KDCA said the next shipments of Pfizer and AstraZeneca doses will arrive in phases throughout the second quarter.
But it said the AstraZeneca batches coming from the COVAX facility have been delayed to the third week of April.

The change is due to global vaccine supply shortages. COVAX said it adjusted the schedule so that it can provide vaccines to ALL participant countries in the second half of the year.”

Also expected in the second quarter is the first batch of the vaccine developed by Janssen,.which has now received a positive review from South Korean experts in the first phase of review.

“The advisory panel concluded that the vaccine is safe, given that the data confirm its efficacy among those over 18 years old, both 14 and 28 days after they’re given the single shot, and the immune response was sustained after 12 weeks.

The panel concluded that after 14 days, the vaccine has an efficacy rate of 66.nine percent, and after 28 days of percent.
If given the green light in two other rounds of review, the Janssen vaccine will become the third one approved in South Korea following those from AstraZeneca and Pfizer.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.


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