President Moon Jae-in has announced a cabinet reshuffle.
For more, we have our Blue House correspondent Hong Yoo on the line.
The ministries affected are the foreign ministry, culture, sports and tourism ministry, and the ministry of SMEs and Startups.
Tell us more about the nominees and who they will replace.

Mark, Chung Eui-yong has been named as the new foreign minister.
He’ll take over from Kang Kyung-hwa once confirmed.
Chung is the current president’s Special Advisor for Foreign Affairs and Security, and the former Director of the National Security Office.
He’s an expert on foreign and security affairs and had been in charge of negotiations between South Korea and the U.S. while serving as the director of the National Security Office in Moon’s administration.
He also played a part in the North Korea-U.S. negotiations on denuclearization and peace on the Korean peninsula.
The Blue House said the change is an effort to revitalize diplomacy ahead of the Biden administration.
It expects Chung to strengthen the country’s alliance with the U.S. and to make further developments for peace on the Korean peninsula and the president’s New Southern and Northern policies.
The nominee to head the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is Hwang Hee.
He was a two-term lawmaker at the National Assembly.
He replaces Park Yang-woo.
Hwang is known for his policy planning and communication capabilities as he has been actively working on policies related to defense, transportation, and the 4th industrial revolution.
Last but not least is Kwon Chil-seung, nominated for the ministry of SMEs and startups.
He will take over from the current minister Park Young-sun who expressed her intention to resign earlier on Wednesday.
She’s expected to announce her bid to run for Seoul mayor in April.
Kwon was also a lawmaker and had served as a member of the SMEs and startup council in the Cabinet and within the ruling Democratic Party.
He is expected to work on helping SMEs that have been slammed by the pandemic.
The top office said it expects Kwon to help SMEs and startups in terms of exports and marketing, as well as job creation.
The three nominees will begin their new roles after undergoing confirmation hearings at the National Assembly.
Back to you, Mark.

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