South Korea will do all it can to go carbon neutral by 2050.
Declared by President Moon Jae-in during a televised speech on Thursday evening, he said it will be an opportunity for the country to emerge as a pacesetter and set a global example.
Moon said the government’s Green New Deal initiative will be the nation’s first step toward the ambitious goal.

Our goal is to actively innovate and lead the international community by seizing the global climate crisis response as an opportunity for inclusive, sustainable growth. It is also about creating a healthy and prosperous future for our children.

The government will push for carbon neutrality in all areas of industry, economy and society, and foster three new energy industries renewable energy, hydrogen and energy IT.
The government will create a low-carbon industry ecosystem by stepping up support for promising companies. and creating a platform where large companies and startups can work together.
It will also draw up tailored strategies to make sure that no-one gets left behind.

We will make bold investments so that my administration can lay the groundwork to achieve the three objectives. We will expand technological development and significantly strengthen assistance for research and development. We will establish carbon neutral-friendly fiscal programs and actively promote green financing and funds so that the people can participate enthusiastically in the Green New Deal.

The footage was aired in black and white to highlight the importance of carbon neutrality.
The development of 4K Ultra High Definition televisions and 5G technology have paved the way for high-quality imagery but has also increased carbon use.
Moon also wore a tie made from recycled plastic waste.

The South Korean president said that it will be a difficult task noting the country’s heavy reliance on manufacturing calling for small action from each and every citizen, saying that we can change our tomorrow depending on what we do today.
Kim Min-ji, Arirang News.

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