President Moon Jae-in on Wednesday awarded an order of cultural merit to an art collector who donated a national treasure to the National Museum of Korea.
Sohn Chang-kun was invited to the Blue House so that the President could thank him personally on behalf of the government for preserving and donating ‘Wintry Days’a painting of a celerated Joseon era scholar Kim Jeong-hui .
Sohn has donated 304 other pieces of artwork to the museum and his father in 1974 donated 200 cultural assets to Sogang University.
President Moon told Sohn that he hopes the artpiece can be hope and consolation to the people that are worn out by the pandemic.
First Lady Kim Jung-sook gifted Sohn with some dried persimmon, a blanket, and some calligraphy from Wintry Days that say “it will long be remembered”.

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