The Greater Seoul area from today is under distancing level 2.5, the second highest level in the system.
This means indoor sport facilities, singing rooms and private cram schools are completely closed for three weeks.
Movie theaters, PC rooms, and hair salons are closed after 9PM.
This evening, our Choi Won-jong is on the streets of Myeongdong, an area normally packed this time of year with Christmas shoppers. Won-jong?

Conn-young, today is the first day that the level 2.5 social distancing measures are in effect in the capital area.
As you said, Myeongdong is usually packed with people shopping and dining out, but today there’s hardly anyone.
Under level 2.5, you cannot dine in at restaurants after 9 PM but you can get take-away.
But according to a restaurant manager we spoke with, that’s not really happening here.

“Under these restrictions, fewer people are coming to Myeongdong right now, and people don’t seem to be ordering food for pick-up either.”

And Conn-young, this street is also really well-known among foreign visitors who come here to shop and see the culture.
We met an international student this afternoon to hear what she thinks about these stricter measures.

“Because Christmas and New Year’s eve are big holidays for everyone. It’s a bit disappointing that we cannot celebrate but because of the virus we have to maintain our social distancing. Hopefully we have a good Christmas and New Year’s.”

There are also a lot of street food vendors in Myeongdong, but now they don’t have as many customers.
The same goes for the make-up and clothing stores.
Once again, one of the busiest and most crowded streets of Seoul is quiet on the first day of level 2.5.
Back to you, Conn-young.

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