South Korea has a number of different missile defense systems in place to defend against potential North Korean missile attacks.
THAAD defends against ballistic missiles at altitudes of 40 to 150 kilometers.
The Patriot missile defense system defends at up to 40 kilometers.
Now, South Korea has begun installing its domestic missile defense system, called ‘Cheongung-II’.
The Surface to Air defense system can defend against medium-range missiles at an altitude of 15 to 20 kilometers.
Unlike the Patriot system, which requires moving the launch vehicle to change the launch direction, it can change direction by 360 degrees even after launch.
The system is the upgraded version of ‘Cheongung-I’, and is equipped with a multifunction radar to strike aircraft and missiles simultaneously.
The Agency for Defense Development began the upgrade project in 2012, and has since recorded a 100-percent accuracy rate during multiple test launches.
According to the agency’s chief, the deployment “is expected to contribute to establishing a Korean-style missile defense system, boosting the military’s core capabilities for a prompt transition of the wartime operational control.”
With the first of the planned seven batteries to see service in the nation, Seoul expects the system to get international approval.
Lee Seung-jae, Arirang News.

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