S. Korea begins construction of airport on eastern island of Ulleung-do
Updated: 2020-11-27 15:29:10 KST

South Korea has begun the construction of an airport on the small eastern island of Ulleung-do, a popular tourist destination in the middle of the East Sea.
When it opens, people will be able to get there from Seoul in just one hour instead of a seven-hour journey by train and ferry.
The groundbreaking ceremony was held on Friday.
The government is investing more than six-hundred million U.S. dollars in the project, aiming to finish it by 2025.
The airport will be able to handle smaller planes carrying up to 50 people.
Ulleung County says it expects it will improve the lives of Ulleung-do residents and increase the number of visitors from the current 30 or 40 thousand a year to around one million.

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