An international conference was held on Wednesday to highlight the UN’s contribution in light of the 70th anniversary of the Korean War.
Hosted by the War Memorial of Korea, the conference which was held virtually in Seoul due to the coronavirus pandemic was also aimed at understanding the role of memorials and museums and the way in which they portray wars.
The conference highlighted the use of interactive media through sight and sound expanding from the traditional use of miniature models and mannequins to recreate the war scenography.

“And this could range from large scale projectures and sophisticated immersive elements that we are somewhat familiar with that uses show control lighting and audio. The goal is to reach a wide audience that have different learning styles to ensure that the exhibits remain engaging without compromising the historical narrative.”

Through the conference, local experts highlighted the role played by Korean military museums in portraying the Korean War using interactive media and renewed storylines and remained critical of resorting to blind patriotism and the underscoring of national ideology and values of the time typically used to justify warfare.

“It also calls for a wider range of viewpoints including the need to put a greater spotlight on the history of individuals who participated in the war since their stories are likely to have more impact on visitors’ emotions and memories.
Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.”

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