South Korea’s presidential office says it’s going to work to further develop the strong Seoul-Washington alliance no matter who wins the presidential election.
The National Security Council also convened this afternoon. to discuss the developments and strategies the South Korea government may need to take depending on who leads the next administration.
Joining me live is Arirang’s presidential office correspondent Kim Min-ji from the nation’s top office.
Min-ji, I understand the Blue House is closely following the developments.
What’s the latest from there?

Well Conn-young, several meetings took place here at the Blue House today.
The National Security Council convened a session this afternoon to discuss the election developments and assess the impact on South Korea, diplomacy, security, and the economy.
The NSC has been closely following the vote count and is preparing for all possible scenarios that is a win by either candidate.
It was followed by a meeting of related ministers to brief President Moon Jae-in on the results of the session. That ended about an hour ago and we’re still waiting for any details.
Earlier today, the presidential office said that it will maintain South Korea’s strong alliance with the U.S. regardless of the outcome.
It added that the government will work to further develop the alliance and that Seoul will cooperate and communicate actively with Washington for denuclearization and peace on the Korean Peninsula.

I understand the Blue House has been taking a cautious approach regarding the U.S. election as it draws up strategies as whoever wins could impact bilateral relations and issues on the Korean Peninsula?

South Korea is patiently awaiting the outcome of the U.S. presidential election as it is expected to have an impact on several critical issues including the denuclearization talks with North Korea and the defense cost-sharing negotiations between Seoul and Washington.
Nowthe government says its goals will be the same, but will review their response strategies and assess the potential impact. depending on which candidate claims the White House.
President Moon has had no public appearances scheduled for the past two days likely to focus on issues related to the election.
Although the current vote count is in favor of Joe Biden with the Trump campaign taking legal action, it may take some time before anything is finalized.
Until then, South Korea’s presidential office will likely remain reserved.

Amid all the election developments, I hear South Korea’s foreign minister will be heading to the U.S. next week to meet with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. What can we expect from that?

Yes, Seoul’s Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha will make a four-day visit that starts Sunday.
She will sit down with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to reaffirm the bilateral alliance as well as discuss ways to advance denuclearization efforts on the Peninsula.
However, there may be limitations as to how much progress South Korea can make, depending on the election outcome.
Kang is also expected to meet with other top officials from Congress and from academic circles.
Whether she’ll meet with officials from the Joe Biden camp will remain to be seen with nothing decided for sure at this point.
Back to you, Conn-young.

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