The growing number of people who have died after receiving flu shots in South Korea has the public concerned over whether the flu vaccine is safe.
So far, 48 people had died, but public health authorities have announced once again that the inoculation program will continue as no direct link can be found between the vaccine and deaths.
Our Han Seong-woo reports.
The head of the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, Jeong Eun-kyeong said at a briefing on Saturday that this year’s flu shots are not responsible for the recent deaths.
“The results of the damage investigation team’s examinations of the deaths were shared in today’s meeting, and we agreed that the likelihood there is a link between the vaccine and deaths is very low.”
The commissioner added that the decision to resume the inoculation program aligns with the World Health Organization’s vaccination guidelines, which prioritize the vulnerable such as the young and elderly.
This comes amid growing public concern, as several people, mostly senior citizens, have died shortly after getting vaccinated.
There is no confirmed evidence that the deaths are linked to the flu vaccine, and some of the people who died had underlying health conditions, including Parkinson’s Disease and extremely high blood pressure.
A post-mortem investigation of the deceased 17-year-old from Incheon revealed that the cause of death was unrelated to the flu shot he received two days prior.
But many experts remain concerned as they wait for further government analysis of the situation.
The Korean Medical Association had earlier recommended postponing vaccinations for a week.
The safety of the flu shots had already been in the spotlight after two vaccine recalls: one due to improper management in distribution and the other due to the appearance of white particles.
Han Seong-woo, Arirang News.

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