Singing rooms are back in Seoul after nearly two months.
They were open elsewhere, but they all had to close in the capital area.
You have to get your temperature checked, though, and like other public places, sign in at the desk by scanning a QR code.

“There are still certain restrictions, but it’s a relief that I can at least reopen my business while following the safety rules.”

Large private academies, also known as cram schools, can have their students back in the classroom now.
Before, under level two social distancing, academies with more than three hundred students could only hold classes online.

“From a student’s perspective with only about 50 days left now ’til the college entrance exam, it would’ve been a disaster if this were to go on for longer. I’m relieved that they can now at least study on site.”

In the Seoul area, where most of the recent cluster infections have been concentrated, some of the level two measures remain.
The government has advised against holding indoor gatherings of more than 50 people and outdoor gatherings of more than a hundred.
Churches in the capital area can hold services in person but only at 30 percent capacity.
Bans are also still in place on door-to-door sales and related promotional events, which have been a major source of recent outbreaks.
As for coffee shops you have sign a visitors log or scan a QR code if you’re going to eat or drink in the store, and tables have to be at least a meter apart.
The sign-in rule also applies at restaurants.

The social distancing level has been lowered for now. But South Koreans will have to make sure they still follow guidelines and take precautions to reduce the risk of another increase in infections and a potential return to level two.
Han Seong-woo, Arirang News.

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