A collection of data creates an algorithm that is then processed by artificial intelligence to manufacture objects such as these car components.
Using this technology, Taelim – a company which makes automobile steering systems – was able to increase employment and sales by 30 percent last year.
This is an offshore wind generator and 70 percent of its components were made in Korea.
Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction which owns the factory has successfully created a Korean model for LNG gas turbinesleading the way in the green energy generator industry.
Located in an industrial complex in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do Province, these two factories, which are AI-driven and eco-friendly, are examples of what they call, a “smart green industrial complex”.
The government plans to build 15 of them by 2025investing more than two.seven billion U.S. dollars.
President Moon Jae-in visited the industrial estate in Changwon on Thursdaywhich is seen as a future role model for “K-smart green industrial complexes”.

“If productivity can be augmented by using data network artificial intelligence while using clean energy to reduce environmental burdens, that will be a great innovation for industrial complexes. This great innovation is happening at the Changwon industrial complex.”

As part of the Korean New Deal initiative, the transition to smart green industrial complexes is expected to lead to jobs and innovation in manufacturing and help the country become an economic leader.
Hong Yoo, Arirang News.

Reporter : yoohong@arirang.com


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